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Welcome to!

This is a quick introduction to our new application that we are proudly releasing today.

What is it?

Basically is a web application that lets you manage projects very easily.

You can quickly create a project, define the big steps (milestones) and the small steps within those (tasks) and run through a project by checking off items as they are done. You can share this project with friends and co-workers and write each other notes on any of the steps to make sure you are all aware of what is happening.

All sorts of projects can be tracked – from the more formal projects within businesses (such as order processing) to less-formal or lifestyle projects (such as giving your babysitter a series of tasks to do).

After some time of running such projects you may notice that many of the steps are the same and repeat themselves; the project steps become well enough defined and standardized to make the project a process project, or more simply, a process.

This is where really shines: once you have defined processes, it just takes a couple clicks to kick-off projects with the same steps – you no longer have to remember all the steps involved and recreate the project from scratch, just click and go!

So it is project management software… much like MS Project and 1,000 other apps out there?

Not quite.  All the complicated stuff has been jettisoned. You don’t need to know about GANTT charts or resource allocation or pre-requistes or contingencies. This is very light-touch project management, which has been optimized for processes.

Our users are either non-technical, but want some level of project management for the work they do, or are technical but can’t be bothered with the complexity of other solutions.

How does it work?

The best way to learn how to use is to sign up ( and start building projects.

Check out the demonstration project that is created for you if you want a very quick introduction – click around, check off items, add notes. Most of the advanced functionality is hidden behind gear icons – so click on those to see your options.

If you want to see how the sharing and collaboration works, add a friend to a project (click on Add Users from your project Participants panel). Then watch in amazement as the stuff they do (checking off, adding notes) is show on your browser in real time!

So what will this cost me?

All the functionality that you see now is free. There may be some limitations in the future (such as how many projects you can run at the same time or how many collaborators you can have), but the basic functionality you see now will remain free.

In the future we will be adding business-focused functionality such as time-based projects (due dates and deadlines), notifications, and project metrics and reporting. You are then free to pay us if that interests you!

Sounds fun… but I don’t see features I need…

This is early stages for We have some big plans for the app and will be implementing new functionality as soon as we can. If you have ideas, feature requests or just want to discuss the app with us, please contact us – we want this to be a very powerful, useful, but still easy to use application – and would LOVE your feedback.

Test out and let us know what you think!