natural treatment of hypothyroidism functionality overview is web-based project management software. Using you can quickly set-up and then easily manage a project with your team for free.

This is an image breakdown of the video so you can preview the functionality (click on the image for a full-size view):

Monitor all your projects  from the project dashboard. The dashboard shows you the status of all projects, the last action on them and lets you manage each one individually :

project management software monitor projects

The project gear icon allows you to manage projects:

project management software manage projects

You can quickly filter which projects are on display on the dashboard by using keywords, client names or project types. This becomes particularly useful if you are managing many projects at one time:

project management software find projects

From the dashboard you can open a project to add notes, and check-off milestones and tasks: 

project management software open a project

Add project notes by clicking on the task or milestone you want to comment on. All project viewers see the note instantly:

project management software add notes

Finish milestones and tasks by checking them off. The timestamp and who checked-off is recorded and all project viewers see the change:

project management software check off tasks

You can quickly create a new project from scratch – adding relevant milestones and tasks with a few clicks:

project management software start new project

…or start a new project based on existing process you have already created. Existing processes have all the milestones and tasks you want so you don’t need to re-think them:

project management software choose process

Just that easy!

project management software just that easy

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