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User Guide

About & Getting Started

What is is a web-based project management application.

Oxford defines a project as “an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim,” and makes the planning part easy and fun to do.

Any and all types of projects can be created, monitored and run using

A typical use may be more business-oriented, since careful tracking of projects is essential for efficient use of your resources, monitoring what work is being done and for financial tracking, but can be used for your own non-work needs as well. For example: at work you may want to use to track the progress of an online sale from order to shipment whereas at home, you may want to make sure your babysitter follows exact steps while you are away for the weekend.

Feature-wise: has a project dashboard so you can monitor all of your projects in one place, and has individual project windows so you can check of project items and make notes.

Projects are broken down into steps called milestones and tasks – with milestones being a collection of related tasks that need to be completed before moving on to the next series of tasks.

A process is simply a project whose steps are well-defined so that the user will pretty much run through the same steps every time the project is run.

Read our first blog post for a more thorough overview of


Change your settings

After logging in you can change your settings by clicking on your name (top right) and selecting Settings.

Alternatively, go to this URL:

Clicking on the right hand navigation buttons on that page will allow you to update your settings:

Your Details & Preferences
To change your name, email address, initials and time-zone

Email Settings
To set whether you want to receive emails from (project notifications or news)

Associate your account
Sign in with LinkedIn, Google, Twitter or Facebook to associate your current login with them – which means you can then log on with any of them with one click


Change your avatar uses third-party websites for avatars. There are two main sources:

1. Social websites
If you are using Facebook  or twitter to log in, your current avatar on those sites will be used. So to change your avatar, simply change your avatar on those sites.

2. Gravatar will search for whether you have a gravatar association for the email address you are using. If one is found, that avatar is used by So to establish an avatar, go to and sign up with the same email address you are using for Upload the image you want as an avatar there, and that same image will be used on (give it some time to be updated across the web). If you subsequently want to update your avatar, return to gravatar to upload a new image.


Using time zones

By default will try to automatically assign you a time zone. To change your time zone, go into your Settings by clicking on your username.

Time zones are used for all time-stamps in projects. Why this matters is that if you are working with project collaborators around the world, you might need to adjust your time zone to view the project as them.

An example:
You are in Europe and your co-worker is in the USA. If you both standardize on the US East Coast time zone, then discussing the project could be easier – for instance, saying the project is due by 5 PM will be seen by both of you in the same way. Of course, will adjust displayed time based on your time zone (e.g. a milestone due at 5 PM in the US will display as being due at 11 PM in Europe), but it may be simpler for collaborators to standardize on one time zone to avoid misunderstandings.



If you have any questions, run into a bug or want to discuss anything with us, please use the Contact Us form and we will reply as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can email us at: support