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User Guide


Dashboard Overview

The dashboard is the main landing page from which you can monitor all project activity and select projects to view.

Individual projects are laid out as project cards. To view the project click on its card and it will be added to the project tab bar, and you will then see the full project details. You can click on the individual project tabs to view the projects or close tabs for projects you no longer want to view by clicking on the tabs x icon.

You can also do project actions (such as delete or pausing the project) from the project card using the project actions button on the top right of every card.

Project cards are laid out in status columns according to four project statuses: in progress, not started, on hold and completed. As the different projects change status their associated card will automatically move on the dashboard to the appropriate status column.

After some time the dashboard could get quite crowded with current and historical projects, so if you need to find a specific project you can use the project search function to filter the cards on display (for instance, to show only projects for one of your clients).



Project Cards

Project cards on the dashboard are laid out in columns according to the current project status (in progress, not started, on hold and completed). Within a status column, the cards are organized by last action date.

Project Card

You have direct access to project actions by clicking on the gear icon on a card. This is a shortcut so you do not need to open each project individually in order to do a project action.  (The various project actions are described here:

You can roll-over parts of the card for additional information. Specifically: rolling-over Last Action will show which project user did the last action and rolling over the avatars will display the full user names.


Project Searching and Filtering

After you have added a lot of projects it may start to get difficult to find one or more projects easily on the dashboard. To make project finding easy you can use the dashboard search functionality that is activated by clicking into the search input box.

Dashboard Search

You are able to search by: text (as found in project title or short name), client or project type (the process a project was built from).

Entering text, or choosing options from either the client or type drop-downs (or both) will filter the project cards on display in the dashboard. For example, a simple way to get all projects you have ever worked on for a client is to select the client name from the Client drop-down.

To reset the dashboard to its unfiltered state, click on the “Clear Search” button. [Coming soon]


Dashboard Configuration

The dashboard handles card updates in two ways:

1. If a card has recently updated (e.g. another user has checked off a milestone) the card will be shown with a blue border. This allows a project manager who is monitoring the dashboard to see what projects have changed. Project Card Updated

2. If a card status changes (e.g. from in progress to completed) then the card is automatically moved to the appropriate status column.

You are able to override this default functionality through dashboard configuration buttons. To access these, you click into the search input box:

Dashboard Configuration

The Live update toggle sets whether you want cards to automatically move between status columns as their status changes. This can be useful if you are working on some projects and get confused when the project “disappears” from the column you think it should be in after its status changes.

Mark events as read will remove the blue card highlighting from recently changed cards.

Re-highlight events will add the blue card highlighting to recently changed cards.