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User Guide / Creating a new project

If you have never built a project, you will need to create a new one using the Project Builder. To launch the builder click on the green + New Project button on the top right of the dashboard.

Enter your project information:
Project Title – the long description of the project or process
Short Name – a short project name used for tabs

And fill in your milestones, noting that the first and last milestones are the only required steps, and all others are optional. This article should give you guidance on your project structure: and this article describes task use for the start milestone specifically:

During project building you can select add a milestone with the green + Add Milestone button or add a task with the “click to add task…” link . You can also delete a task (the trash-can icon) or a milestone (the X icon). You can also move entire milestone sections by rolling over the right of the section until you see the drag arrows, and then dragging the section to where you want it.

Milestone building

When your project has the milestones and tasks that you want it to have, you can save and start the project by clicking on the blue Save Project button. Optionally (and checked by default) you can save the current project as a process, which means you will be able to launch projects with the same design by just clicking a single button, as described here:


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