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User Guide / Dashboard Configuration

The dashboard handles card updates in two ways:

1. If a card has recently updated (e.g. another user has checked off a milestone) the card will be shown with a blue border. This allows a project manager who is monitoring the dashboard to see what projects have changed. Project Card Updated

2. If a card status changes (e.g. from in progress to completed) then the card is automatically moved to the appropriate status column.

You are able to override this default functionality through dashboard configuration buttons. To access these, you click into the search input box:

Dashboard Configuration

The Live update toggle sets whether you want cards to automatically move between status columns as their status changes. This can be useful if you are working on some projects and get confused when the project “disappears” from the column you think it should be in after its status changes.

Mark events as read will remove the blue card highlighting from recently changed cards.

Re-highlight events will add the blue card highlighting to recently changed cards.


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