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User Guide / Dashboard Overview

The dashboard is the main landing page from which you can monitor all project activity and select projects to view.

Individual projects are laid out as project cards. To view the project click on its card and it will be added to the project tab bar, and you will then see the full project details. You can click on the individual project tabs to view the projects or close tabs for projects you no longer want to view by clicking on the tabs x icon.

You can also do project actions (such as delete or pausing the project) from the project card using the project actions button on the top right of every card.

Project cards are laid out in status columns according to four project statuses: in progress, not started, on hold and completed. As the different projects change status their associated card will automatically move on the dashboard to the appropriate status column.

After some time the dashboard could get quite crowded with current and historical projects, so if you need to find a specific project you can use the project search function to filter the cards on display (for instance, to show only projects for one of your clients).



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