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User Guide / Project actions

You can access the project actions menu by clicking on the gear icon on project cards on the dashboard or in the project info panel in a project window.

Project Actions Menu

Edit Project
Puts you in project editing mode where you can change (add, edit, delete) milestones and tasks, and change the project title and short name. [Note: the Edit Project option is not available on dashboard project cards]

Clone Project
If you have edited or added participants to your project, or simply want to repeat the current project exactly how it is, then Clone Project starts a new project with exactly the same structure.

Make Process
If you edit a project and want the current structure to be the standard structure for a new process, then you can make the current project into a process.

Reset Project
Resets tasks and milestones and removes comments so that the project is returned to its initial state.

Pause Project
If you need to pause the project for some reason (e.g. waiting for a client decision) then pausing the project puts the project On Hold to separate it from projects that have started, not started or finished.

Stop Project
Allows you to abandon a project without completing it.

Delete Project
Deletes projects you no longer want to work on.



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