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User Guide / Sharing projects and collaboration

Multiple users can be added to a project so that the work-load can be shared or progress can be tracked by a group.

To add users to a project, open the project window and then click on Add Users… in the Participants box.

This brings up the Add Participant popup which allows you to add users one at a time:

Adding participants popup

For each user, enter their email address and specify whether they can:

read a project – this allows them only to view the project, not checkoff tasks or milestones or add notes
write to a project – this allows them to checkoff tasks and milestones, and add notes
administer a project – this allows them to change everything about a project (add, edit or delete milestones and tasks)… even delete the project!

If the user is currently a user, they will then see the project on their dashboard and will be able to open it. If they are not a user, they will get an email invite to join, and after the join they will be able to open the project.

Note: After you have added a user via email address, you will not have to do this again – just typing their name or email will automatically search for the user from your contacts list.


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