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User Guide / Starting a project: prerequisites and the start milestone

A special note needs to be made about what actually starts a project.

Completion of the first or start milestone starts the project.

What you may notice is that the first milestone can have tasks and you can even check-off these tasks without starting the project. This is because tasks for the first milestone are considered prerequisites for starting the project. You don’t need tasks for the first milestone (or anywhere, for that matter, since tasks are optional!) but if you add them, then consider them as steps you should take before the project officially starts.

For example, if your project is “Evaluating Applicants” and your first milestone is “Application received“  you may not want to start the project until all the required materials for the application are in. Accordingly you may hold off on starting the evaluation of an applicant until you have these items:

Completed application form
University transcripts

If these items are critical for the evaluation of an applicant, it makes sense to add these as prerequisite tasks – which is what the first milestone’s tasks are.


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