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User Guide / Using time zones

By default will try to automatically assign you a time zone. To change your time zone, go into your Settings by clicking on your username.

Time zones are used for all time-stamps in projects. Why this matters is that if you are working with project collaborators around the world, you might need to adjust your time zone to view the project as them.

An example:
You are in Europe and your co-worker is in the USA. If you both standardize on the US East Coast time zone, then discussing the project could be easier Рfor instance, saying the project is due by 5 PM will be seen by both of you in the same way. Of course, will adjust displayed time based on your time zone (e.g. a milestone due at 5 PM in the US will display as being due at 11 PM in Europe), but it may be simpler for collaborators to standardize on one time zone to avoid misunderstandings.


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